Who We Are - Nature Speaks Gallery

Once upon a time, two eyes met a couple of cellphone apps and began -- unknowingly at first -- to watch Nature display in answer to spoken and even unspoken questions. Sometimes the mind attached to those eyes 'got it' before snapping the photo. Most often, insight came with editing and linking the answer to a matter rumbling about in the brain, conscious or unconscious.

Nature Speaks Gallery is primarily a collection of scenes particularly memorable to those eyes, whose brain thought others might enjoy.  Who knows what  could come from viewing the site and seeing one's own camera as a resource for living!  Nature reflects our highest personal truth: We can trust that what She says is right for the person we were created to be.  With Nature as counselor, it's you and your soul aligning.

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Always the best to you...

Huldie (AnnettE) at Nature Speaks Gallery

Professional Art Therapy, Defined Briefly and Bottom Line in 2008 by Don Seiden, Founder of the Department of Art Therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. (Passed August 2019) 4+ min.

The First Time:

Walking up the hill on a windy day, I decided to capture with my cell-cam the ornamental grasses moving in unison.  Later, photo-editing, it seemed to me that Nature was reflecting how I'd been feeling recently -- that I was on track with all of me on board.  Excited by the possible confirmation, I wondered if Nature would tell me more.  And after a bit, I came up with a status: Rooted and flexible, I am my own weather-vane.  It really rang true, which wasn't all that surprising since I understood I was mining myself with cues and clues from my soon-to-become very good friends, Nature and the cell-cam!